June 08, 2018

To New Beginnings! 🥂

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My name is Scott. I intended to start blogging but, two things always stop me:

  1. I am a terrible writer
  2. I don't think people are interested in what I have to say.

The former reason came to be because as a kid, I never enjoyed reading and writing let alone attending school at all. The latter reason is just a lack of self-confidence (or I am genuinely humble - just kidding.) My goal for this blog is to improve both my writing skills and my confidence to say what is on my mind without being afraid of saying the wrong thing. I also want to leave a repository of my thoughts and experiences on the web for my friends, family, and myself to look back on. I will be talking about my life's journey and tech! So, welcome!

a not so professional head shot.


👋 Hello, thanks for the read! If you found my work helpful, have constructive feedback, or just want to say hello, connect with me on social media. Thanks in advance!

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