[ iOS Mobile Flashcards Application ]

This project was the final project for Udacity's React Nanodegree. We were tasked to build a Mobile Flashcard application using React Native.

Project Specifications:
  1. Use create-react-native-app to build your project.
  2. Allow users to create a deck which can hold an unlimited number of cards.
  3. Allow users to add a card to a specific deck.
  4. The front of the card should display the question.
  5. The back of the card should display the answer.
  6. Users should be able to quiz themselves on a specific deck and receive a score once they're done.
  7. Users should receive a notification to remind themselves to study if they haven't already for that day.


I wanted the application to emulate real life flashcards -

  1. When I start a flashcard deck, I should see a pile of cards (with the questions facing the user.)
  2. I should be able to flip the card to view the answer.
  3. I should be able to indicate whether or not I answered the question correctly by swiping left or right (like on Tinder! 🔥)

I was a little intimidated since I had no idea how to implement any of these requirements I set for myself. I knew there had to be an open source library to help me achieve this. With a little help from Google, low and behold, I found two libraries to help me: ✨

Project Outcome:
React Native iOS Mobile Flashcards Application
iOS Flashcards Application made with React Native

I was extremely proud of the end product. I fulfilled all project requirements including the three I set for myself, and my project is now a featured project for future students to see.

You can check out the repository here. Thanks! 🙌

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